Our Mission and Treatment Philosophy

While treatment centers and programs have traditionally conceptualized drug addiction within the framework of 12-Step philosophies and treated the associated conditions that perpetuate addiction as secondary, the Milestones Method offers parallel and equal treatment of both addiction issues and associated behavioral health conditions.

As a world-class residential facility, the Milestones Method offers an integrative framework for treatment that includes research-based modalities such as Cognitive-Behavioral, Motivational Interviewing, and Solution-Focused, as well as relapse-prevention oriented strategies.

The Milestones Method also takes a client-centered approach to working with people “where they are” rather than “where they should be.” Our staff understands and respects that clients arrive with varying levels of motivation – or readiness – for change. In this same spirit of client-centered approach, we provide a treatment environment of acceptance, care and positive regard, wherein clients can begin to discover new directions for their lives and embark upon paths leading to completion of their dreams and goals.

The Milestones Method allows clients to set their own treatment goals, while staff continues to provide support and facilitate their movement through the change processes. The Milestones method is consumer-orientated with a focus on informed client decision-making, and a partnership approach between therapist and client. Research shows that people who are given a choice in treatment are more likely to achieve and maintain recovery and related behavior changes. The “one size fits all” approach is significantly less effective than the Milestones Method.

Milestones Ranch Malibu offers:

  • Best practices and subject-specific expertise and experience treating complex, dually diagnosed individuals
  • Intimate setting with a maximum of 12 clients – we are dedicated to treating one life at a time
  • Serene and beautiful treatment environment on a 200-acre ranch in the Santa Monica Mountains, surrounded by waterfalls and a beautiful lake on site
  • Free 1-week “Tune-up” for all Milestones graduates who complete 30 days of programming
  • Free alumni services for life. (We do not want finances interfering with continued support and long-term success.)
  • Primary therapists are licensed Master’s degree and doctoral level clinicians who understand the need to “meet the client where they are”
  • 5-6 individual therapy sessions per week and 3  group sessions daily
  • Individualized treatment plans formulated by a team of treatment professionals and determined by the client’s unique personality traits, strengths, cognitive challenges and developmental needs
  • Compassionate staff who are rigorously evaluated and chosen for their ability to join easily with clients
  • Dedicated Benefits Coordinator who will proactively pursue insurance reimbursement on behalf of the client and family
  • Excellent family systems work to enhance the recovery process and foster system-wide change
  • Diverse group modalities such as: Psychodrama, Cognitive Skills Development, Art Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Skills Training, Movement Therapy, Non-violent Communication, Music Therapy, Equine Therapy & Yoga
  • Intensive wrap-around services such as: Communication Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, Somatic Experiencing, Life Skills Training, acupuncture, cognitive evaluations and rehabilitation, vocational counseling, nutritional counseling services and more
  • Offsite fellowship involvement throughout Los Angeles and Ventura Counties
  • Weekly Exposure Therapy centered on the principles of community, service, and education. For example: Getty Museum Tour, sober dances, beach cleanup, art openings, and much more!
  • Active alumni sober gatherings to practice newfound skills

In addition to the above services, our Alumni Coordinator helps clients reintegrate into the community after leaving residential treatment. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Dual Diagnosis specific Sober Living Tours
  • Life skills – (e.g., cooking, cleaning, organizing, and money/time management)
  • Mid- or 2nd-career transition assistance
  • Linking to volunteer and other community activities and services
  • Resume building, mock interviewing and vocational assessments
  • College enrollment (e.g., application and registration assistance, campus tours, link with special services)
  • GED services (assistance with studying)
  • Having a bad day and just need to talk – we are here!

One of our guiding principles throughout treatment and after is to actively help clients in their search for purpose and meaning, so that maladaptive coping mechanisms such as drugs, alcohol, and other destructive behaviors are no longer needed. We strive to show clients that life can still be joyful, full of purpose and meaning. This is the key component for our clients’ successful recovery process.