At Milestones Ranch Malibu we proudly offer several options for financing the cost of our premiere dual diagnosis treatment. Free of charge, we provide insurance verification for every client and/or family member who is deemed to have a dual diagnosis condition. In order to relieve our clients and their families of the daunting and time-consuming task of determining insurance benefits and eligibility, our experienced administrative staff assumes this task. We understand that being engaged in residential treatment is an emotionally laden process, so we aim to decrease the stress these administrative efforts often create. We contract with a highly skilled insurance company that can cut through the red tape and outline – at no cost or commitment to you – the benefits to which you are entitled.

Additionally, we facilitate access to several companies that will fund the cost of dual diagnosis treatment for a minimal finance charge, similar to how credit card companies function. These companies are specifically designed to create affordable access to dual diagnosis treatment programs. They too are familiar with the strain involved in determining whether to enter treatment. In an effort to ease the customer’s financial burden, they structure affordable monthly payment plans, which allow you or your loved one access to our unparalleled, comprehensive, and quality dual diagnosis care.

All of this information is available to you free of charge through our admissions department. Please contact us, so that we may answer your questions and provide you with further details. We are here to assist you and ease the decision-making process for you and your loved ones.