More Than a Rehab

At Milestones Ranch Malibu, we are licensed by the Department of Health Care Services [ ] (License 190649AP, Expiration Date: 04/30/2025) as well as a Joint Commission accredited, small, privately owned, serious dual diagnosis treatment center that provides evidenced based clinical programming. By utilizing an intimate 12 bed setting and staying small by design, each and every staff member at Milestones Ranch Malibu knows each client and their unique set of circumstances. We create a treatment plan that is integrated and all staff help hold the clients accountable to implement true behavioral changes.

Our team of experts communicates extensively regarding each client and their family members to provide the best quality, team approach care. We are continually re-assessing for new information that may give insight in to how we can better serve our clients.

At Milestones Ranch Malibu our foundation is built upon ethics, values and truly what is in the best interest of each client.  Our litmus test for all clients that come through our program is “How would we want our loved ones to be treated”. Health and safety is always our main priority.

Prior to clients arriving in the program the client will speak with an admissions coordinator and complete a comprehensive 12-page bio-psychosocial assessment to determine that we are in fact the best placement for the client.  Once the clinical team and doctors agree that we are the best placement, then we move forward with the admissions process. If it is determined that we are not the best fit, then we will help the client find an alternate treatment center.

While at Milestones Ranch each client receives a minimum of five individual sessions per week. All primary therapists are licensed master’s level clinicians. The treatment team selection is assessment driven and services can be added and changed as the client progresses in the program. We also provide 17 diverse educational, process and experiential groups throughout the week.

In addition, the Psychiatrists complete a full psychiatric evaluation for all clients.  The psychiatrists follow up with the clients minimally one time weekly for the duration of their treatment and are on call 24 hours a day for psychiatric support.

The Internal Medicine Physicians complete a comprehensive history and physical examination when the client arrives and follows up with the clients on a weekly basis as well as providing 24 hour on call support for any medical issues that may arise.

An admission coordinator from another treatment facility recently stated, “I refer patients to Milestones Ranch Malibu because you are truly effective. Clients that go through your program are making tremendous progress that you can actually see and they aren’t just doing their time. You all care so much and they feel it”.

Our main goal is to help clients uncover their underlying issues by looking at the person as a whole. We use a social work approach, meeting clients where they are at rather then where we would like them to be. Our skilled clinicians use motivational interviewing to help clients recognize how their behaviors may have at one point served a purpose, but may no longer be working for them.

What makes us different than most other treatment centers is our dedication to clients and their families for a life time. We understand that healing takes time and expert medical and clinical care is very expensive.  We have built in free alumni services that allow our alumni to stay active in their recovery as well as a free one-week tune up for a client that may struggle after leaving treatment.

Milestones Ranch Malibu is truly a rehab with heart!