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Benzodiazepine Addiction

Benzodiazepines, commonly called “benzos”, are tranquilizers often prescribed to treat panic, anxiety, and sleep disorders. They are also prescribed in the treatment of alcohol withdrawal and seizures. Although benzodiazepines can be used appropriately for therapeutic purposes at low doses, this class of drug has a high potential for abuse and may result in pharmacologic dependence and addiction. Typically, people who intentionally abuse benzodiazepines have other substance abuse problems and untreated mental health conditions. If stopped suddenly without medical supervision, benzodiazepines may have catastrophic effects (e.g., delusions, seizures, suicidal ideation and death). Benzodiazepines are also extremely dangerous when combined with other drugs, particularly alcohol and opiates, increasing the risk for overdose.

At Milestones Ranch Malibu, we understand benzodiazepine abuse and addiction and the havoc it creates in the life of the user and loved ones. Medical staff at local state-of-the-art facilities will provide a safe detoxification environment to taper the patient off medications with as little discomfort as possible. Once detoxification is complete, our staff will help identify and work through the underlying issues that led to addiction, greatly increasing clients’ chances at long-term recovery, all set against the beautiful backdrop of our ranch in Malibu, California.Tour Milestones Ranch Here

We hope the information contained in this article has been of help to you. Please feel free to contact us at Milestones Ranch Malibu with any questions or comments you may have. Call: (800) 791-6859 for assistance.



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