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Anger Management

Anger Management

Millions of people struggle with the unhealthy expression or suppression of anger, in other words – anger issues. Left untreated, anger issues can contribute to numerous physical and psychological conditions (including high blood pressure, increased stress levels, depression) as well as social and occupational consequences (e.g., strained or fractured relationships, legal difficulties, employment problems). People who suffer from anger issues often express their anger aggressively and as a consequence, break social norms or laws. They also lack the ability to redirect their anger into constructive or positive action, and lack the skills to calm themselves. It is essential for people struggling with anger to acquire the skills to understand and control anger, while still being respectful to themselves and others. Treatment offers hope and help.

At Milestones Ranch Malibu, clients will be able to explore the roots of their anger, as well as learn new, healthy ways to manage stressors and difficulties. Our individual and group therapists will help clients with in-depth exploration of factors that both determine and affect one’s ability to manage anger.  We emphasize skill-building and psychoeducation. Clients can learn to identify high-risk situations, raise awareness of irrational thinking, reframe distorted thoughts, assertive self-expression (rather than aggressive), problem-solving and conflict resolution skills. Special attention is placed on providing a psychoeducational experience designed to raise client awareness, level of cognitive functioning, and behavior patterns relevant to aspects of anger management. Our staff will help clients strategize about how to manage anger productively and learn new techniques to effectively communicate their thoughts and feelings. (See Specialty Programs Here)

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