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Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is one of the most widely abused drugs in America today. A stimulant, cocaine is primarily ingested in any of three ways – snorting, smoking or injecting. Cocaine abusers typically experience a range of behavioral and psychological changes during and shortly after use. These may include: euphoria, energized mood, hypervigilance, tension, anger, change in sociability, and impaired judgment. Use is then followed by a rapid decline in mood and functioning – this period is referred to as a “crash”. During such crashes, users become desperate to obtain more of the drug, often compelling them to act in ways otherwise uncharacteristic, such as selling valuables or stealing from loved ones. Due to the binge nature of cocaine use, users often incur massive financial debt.

At Milestones, we understand how devastating cocaine addiction can be and the physical, emotional and financial toll it can take on the user and loved ones. After a safe, medically supervised detoxification, we can begin to address the underlying issues associated with the addiction, as well as help clients begin to rebuild their lives and relationships, all while enjoying the serenity of our ranch nestled in beautiful Malibu, CA. Tour Milestones Ranch Here

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