At Milestones Ranch Malibu we take great care and consideration when developing our Aftercare Plans. Upon discharge we ensure that relevant collateral and adjunctive recommendations are in place, which give clients the best chance for durable change and sustainable recovery.

Clients commit to a tremendous – and laudable – amount of work and show great progress during treatment. Still, as treatment professionals we recognize that this is just the beginning of the life-long effort that constitutes recovery.

Los Angeles is a city replete with both structured and non-structured opportunities to create a sober life. The stigma popularly associated with addiction and mental health has been greatly reduced throughout the Southern California area.

One can find an abundance of well-established 12 step meetings (e.g., AA, NA, Coda, SLAA, Alanon, ACOA), meditation groups (e.g., Dharma Punks), Smart Recovery, Rational Recovery, Course in Miracles Support Groups, as well as an array of mental health support groups (e.g., bipolar, depression, anxiety, TBI and Asperger’s). These supportive adjunctive services are often included in aftercare plans for individuals and families.

Many of our clients transition into one of our recommended sober living homes in the Southern California area. These programs are chosen by us for their demonstrated commitment to operational integrity and the provision of excellent case management services.

While in sober living patients continue their care by attending outpatient treatment services. Supported during this transitional period by the structure of outpatient services, the client can continue altering lifelong patterns and practice and reinforcement of the new, healthier habits they have learned in residential programming.

Milestones Ranch Malibu also offers “FREE ALUMNI SERVICES” for life to support these newfound recovery skills. We understand that top-notch treatment incurs a great deal of expense; Free Alumni Services eliminates financial barriers to continued support and increases chances of long-term success. This is an aftercare group that specifically caters to alumni adjusting to life outside of residential treatment, wherein we discuss issues and triggers that arise along the way.

Free Alumni Services provide support, guidance and a sense of family and community: this is our life-long commitment to our clients. We know that implementing long-term change is difficult, and requires ongoing support and connection to a like-minded community. We want to available for our clients for the long haul!

Before and during the process of transitioning out of Milestones Ranch Malibu, our case managers – as well as primary therapists – make plans and take action to help clients reintegrate. One of the many benefits of our commitment to a small milieu is that we can actively assist our patients in the transition process..

One of our guiding principles throughout treatment and after is to actively help clients in their search for purpose and meaning, so that maladaptive coping mechanisms such as drugs, alcohol, and other destructive behaviors are no longer needed. We strive to show clients that life can still be joyful, full of purpose and meaning. This is the key component for our clients’ successful recovery process.

Lastly, we know life is full of obstacles and challenges, all of which Milestones views as learning opportunities and a chance to strengthen one’s recovery program. To this end, we offer a FREE ONE WEEK TUNE-UP, available to Milestones Ranch Malibu Alumni who successfully complete our residential program!

It is our mission to ensure that clients transition from residential treatment to aftercare with a sense of connectedness and belonging, secure in the knowledge that Milestones Ranch Malibu is a source of perennial support in their recovery journey.

  • We recognize that this is just the beginning of a lifelong journey!
  • Better outcomes occur with carefully chosen sober livings and diligent case management.
  • The 12-step model is a great way to get sober, yet not the only way.
  • A wealth of sober support resources locally and throughout Southern California.
  • Free Alumni Services for life
  • Free one-week tune-up
  • Sober parties and exposure therapy
  • A team of 40 highly-educated, approachable and dedicated professionals.