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Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance abuse takes a heavy toll on both the abuser and those who love them. Whatever the substance, be it legal (alcohol, prescription pain medication, etc.) or illegal (cocaine, heroin, etc.), once a user crosses the line into abuse, the physical, emotional, mental and social consequences are often overwhelming and disastrous. Substance abusers often face legal issues, isolation from family and friends, financial hardships, mental health issues, and problems with employment and education. Users often feel there is no hope in controlling their substance abuse, but with the right treatment, many are able to overcome their addictions. We understand how challenging treating substance abuse can be.

Here at Milestones Ranch Malibu, we design a treatment plan that suits each individual client and their needs. Clients will have access to a full treatment team as well as an array of therapies to help them understand their addictive behaviors and begin to heal, all while enjoying the lovely backdrop of our 120 acre ranch in beautiful Malibu, CA. Tour Milestones Ranch Here

We hope the information contained in this article has been of help to you. Please feel free to contact us at Milestones Ranch Malibu with any questions or comments you may have. Call: (800) 791-6859 for assistance.



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