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It is almost impossible to explain how amazing this place is with only words. I have struggled all my life with addiction, and I have unfortunately been to another treatment center in the past. The other center was considered one of the best, but it does not even come close to the treatment I received at Milestones. Milestones is not just a place, it breathes new life into the clients lucky enough to find this place. Everything, and I mean everything about this place makes you feel safe and comfortable. I felt immediately like I had been adopted into a new sober family, and that everyone had my back. I not only became a new man, but I have a family now at Milestones who still check on me two years later!! 

The Ranch itself is absolutely beautiful, and you immediately feel like you are in some magical place far away from all the past worries. It created a feeling of calm in me allowing me to just focus each day on myself becoming the new me. The Ranch feels more like Jackson Hole, Wyoming then Los Angeles. It just feels like a simple place and believe me I needed simple to get sober. The calm and serenity that you feel staying here is incredible, I could finally breath again.

The entire staff at Milestones are the most down to earth, loving, professional, and fun people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. If you need to talk to someone about literally anything, there is always a tech around to sit with you. The food is out of this world, and you get to go on awesome outings to find new fun hobbies you can do sober. I walked into Milestones a boy, and I walked out a man with purpose. I can’t say enough good about this place. I have a new life today that I am proud of, and it is because of Milestones and the amazing people who literally change lives.

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