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Milestones was to me, the most top of the line dual diagnosis treatment center I have ever attended. I cannot thank everyone enough! Last year, I could of been another faceless statistic that you read about in the obituaries, but I made a decision to come to Milestones instead.

I cannot say enough about how much this treatment center has helped me. I had been suffering from alcoholism, drug abuse and depression, but in coming to this place, I discovered a whole new world and a much better way to live. The therapists and the techs and even the housekeeping are top of the line. Everyone stays up-beat, and they welcome everyone with open arms. This place has taught me so much about myself. Milestones not only helped me through my depression, but they gave me the tools to handle any problems that come my way. You just cannot put a price on this!!

I urge anyone that is going through any type of drug addiction or depression to come to Milestones. I relapsed one time, but for the most part, I have been so much happier and sober now for a year and a half.

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